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Welcome everyone! Glad you could stop in and take a look around. I'm hoping you will find several interesting things here. I decided to start a blog so I could share all the awesome information I've found or that's been sent to me about Fiber Arts. The internet has been a wonderful tool for me, I'm a Google fanatic as much as I am a Spinatic! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Back with changes

Well alot has changed since I posted that first BLOG under a different blogsite.  Lets see where to begin, Lily came home 2/17/2011 but she didn't come alone.  Her brother Nilla was just too darn cute and I couldn't resist. Today they look a little different but still just as adorable and loving as they were 4 months ago when I brought them home.

Moving on to my passion, spinning.  I mentioned my next spindle was going to be an Ann Grout spindle well that didn't go as planned either.  As much as I love that spindle, and I will get one, my next purchase was an even better choice, the Spindolyn. OMG... for someone like me with back issues, this support spindle has been a spinners dream.  I practiced for several hours on it before I got to a point where I liked what I was spinning and then I just went crazy with it.  I spun some singles and put them on my homemade lazy kate. If you're interested in the lazy kate all I did was use a weave basket from walmart took some empty paper towel rolls and cut them in half to use as bobbins.  You could use empty toilet paper rolls as well but they seem to be a little thinner.  Take some long knitting needles and push through the side of the weaved basket through your "bobbins" and ta da a lazy kate.  I just hand wrap the yarn onto the bobbins straight from my Spindolyn.  Once I was ready to ply I grabbed the two yarns, ran it through the weaving of the basket to give a little tension and use the Spindolyn to ply them together.  It worked out beautifully see here and here.  Amazing what you can do with things lying around the house.
Once spun I wound it up on my ball winder and there it is, the first handspun yarn on my Spinky. (named my Spindolyn)

Okay, enough for today.  Next time I'll tell you about what I'm getting next for my spinning addiction.  I'm so excited!!!  But... I'll save it for later.  Now I want to end with a free pattern I like.  This is currently one of my WIPs called Grrlfriend Market Bag (yeah but that's the way they spelled it!) and it's on Ravelry as a free download.  If you have never been to Ravelry (you living under a rock??) it's free to join and access to lots and lots of patterns and a great community for the fiber arts.  Just sign up real quick, promise they don't spam you, and you'll have access to the pattern.  And remember, Spinning makes the world go round.  Happy crafting!!

Grrlfriend Market Bag

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