Blog's Purpose

Welcome everyone! Glad you could stop in and take a look around. I'm hoping you will find several interesting things here. I decided to start a blog so I could share all the awesome information I've found or that's been sent to me about Fiber Arts. The internet has been a wonderful tool for me, I'm a Google fanatic as much as I am a Spinatic! :)

Tour De Fleece

Keeping track of my progress for the Tour De Fleece on Ravelry
Goal is to spin 4oz for each team
(Team Support Spindle & Rookie 2011)

  8oz of Gritty Knits June 2011 club                    Day 1 of spinning

               Day 2 of spinning                                 Day 3 & 4 of spinning

           Day 5 and up-to-date                                Day 6 of spinning

           Day 7 of spinning                                     Day 8 of spinning

           Day 9 & 10 of spinning

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